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Market Leading Photography and Film Assets for World-Class Brands

What visual challenge do you really want to solve next?

PS Creative Studio provides specific photography and film solutions for clients :



Set Design

rose nut 801 speaker shot dynamically by Phil Sills on location

Stills and Film

styled location product photograph by Phil Sills

and Lifestyle

There is always a 'Creative Gap'

PS Creative Studio fills the creative gap with

Innovative and Original Photography and Film to match your Innovative Products

See my Services for how we can help you make progress with your next campaign

Overview of work


Film has become an asset that most brands use to connect with their audience

The involvement of myself and my associates in this area has proven how effective we are as a team in producing high quality moving image as part of our substantial array of Services. We have helped our clients by working through the campaign ideas, with our Creative Director drafting and polishing the storyboards. Then we put it all into action using our Production.

We can work with our own trusted DOP and bring on board a specialist director and anyone else necessary to create the film you desire.

If you want to know more about any of the films and moving image on show, to find out who was involved and what we had to do to make it happen please drop me a line and I will be happy to help

Some of my clients