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Bowers and Wilkins Headphone Range

Client: Bowers and Wilkins
The Work: The Bowers and Wilkins Headphone Range comprising of their PX7 and in ear products gave us a glorious challenge. This was a whirlwind shoot, pulled together at short notice that had us all pushing hard to get everything organised, produced, executed and delivered on time. But we did!

The shoot itself was a creative mix of styled studio shots, and on the run lifestyle images with models.

Our stylist had sourced simple stone textures and sports related props giving the shots a context and  environment. This is a great way of showcasing a technology product as cleverly designed as the PX7’s.  We can take the smooth modern materials and gleaming metal armatures of the product and contrast that with rough and organic backgrounds. Using digital shooting techniques we had to work fast. Lighting elements hand holding a flash head and diffuser we could compose the final image in post. This technique saved us hours of studio time. The Creative Director had to trust us that we were capturing the right photographic pieces of the puzzle! The studio was my space of course, and our daily schedule had us hitting approximately 8 studio beauty shots a day. 

Location: The lifestyle images were taken all over London, with us hot-footing guerrilla style from location to location in a mini bus. Great fun! Shooting was shared between myself and lifestyle associate Paul Musso. We work well together, with each of us having different strengths that compliment the brief. It is all about the teamwork.

The shoot was organised by our producer Emma. It was arranged as a long day that went into the evening, so we could nail both twilight and night time look and feel. A tough day but everyone pulled together as usual to deliver exactly what was needed.