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Case Studies

The joy in sharing case studies, is that we can start to get a feeling about the breadth and depth of our services and the amount of great content that is created for clients, sometimes just in the process of executing a single brief.

It is not just enough to show you the final result, as the bigger picture is so much more interesting! The journey in itself has value. That is why there is a small collection of behind the scenes videos to show you the real world in which we live and work.

Case Studies

Tweeter of 801 Want Bowers and Wilkins Speaker

Bowers and Wilkins 800 D4 Speaker Launch Studio stills and Video

We were thrilled to be shooting the new Bowers and Wilkins 800 D4 speakers. This massive premier speaker shoot kept us busy with web product work, crafted beauty shots and 360 video spin arounds.

Bowers and Wilkins 800 D4 Speaker Launch Location Video and Stills 

Huge amounts of work went into the location video and stills shoot for the new 800 D4 speaker range from Bowers and Wilkins. We produced all of the shoot and created a ton of fantastic content for the product launch. Well done to the associates!

Behind the Scenes

We love shooting BTS, as it helps us communicate to you about what goes on whilst shooting, you know, the fun stuff! Enjoy a few of these to get you in the mood.

Bombay Sapphire Instagram Campaign

When working with Bombay, through an agency we were tasked with shooting in the studio and on location. The shoots were spread over time covering both video and still content.

Bowers and Wilkins 600 Series Launch

We love a good product launch, as this involves multiple asset creation, usually both stills and video. This 600 series launch was just that.

Bowers and Wilkins Headphone Range

When asked to quickly pull together a creative studio shoot and go on location with models, we jumped at the opportunity. There is nothing like a little pressure to get things moving!

Highland Park Whisky Website and Social Content Creation

Sometimes I work with Brands on core essential imagery. This could be a new web site launch, a new product range, or perhaps packaging changes. Highland Park has needed hero product shots across their core products, updated bottles and packaging designs. 

dCS Audio Photography Visual Brand Development and ‘Making of’ Film

My working relationship with dCS is very symbiotic.  We  create ideas together on how products can look and what works well in their different formats  and marketing channels.

Emirates Airline TV Commercial

Film and Moving Image can be created without mega budgets, this is proven. Production levels are totally scaleable from a very tight crew and minimal fuss to a room bustling with high level experience where it is all hands on deck to meet the required output quality. We can provide both.

Creative Portfolio

Personal Creative and Portfolio

Crucial personal development and honing of skills is gained through creating my own work. I like to pursue images and themes that may not be possible under normal working briefs. Sometimes  it’s a real test and gamble. Sometimes it pays off…

Exemplar Development Fitzroy Place London

Shooting spaces and understanding light, angles, surfaces and materials is something that fits perfectly into my sphere of work. Exemplar’s massive building project was the perfect place for me to create consistent quality images that captured the architecture, the scale, the atmosphere and personality of this location.

Monitor Audio Lifestyle and product photography

Phil Sills Creative Imaging is all about servicing the clients wishes. We work with the brief that is given to us or help craft the perfect brief. Whatever is needed. The benefits of working with talented professional associates becomes perfectly clear when we can fulfil both lifestyle and studio image elements of the campaign message.