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Exemplar Development, Fitzroy Place, London

Client: Exemplar
The Work: Architecture and Interior Photography. This area I find quite intriguing. Where I find the most joy, is finding the lines of symmetry and design that the architects and developers have left for us to discover.

I feel a photographers job is to understand and feel what is before them. This idea can traverse the different fields and subject matters. I think a fashion photographer understand their subject as much as a product photographer understands theirs. It is not a question about whether one is cooler than the other for me, it is much more about when I look at an image being it a still or video, do I understand from a viewers perspective what that photographer was looking at. Was the photographer able to communicate the scene using visual language that the viewer could appreciate and process to give them a good feeling that they understand what was before the artist…

When shooting inanimate objects and spaces I do feel it is my my job to communicate as much through my images as possible. I have composition and lighting at my disposal when I walk into an interior. Using these simple tools I need to pick the best angle to shoot from, and think about how I can best use the natural light, or enhance it, to give me the the best opportunity to show the viewer the wonders of my subject.

This project for Exemplar was shot over a few days, as and when locations became available for photography. Using available light whether daylight or ambient lighting, I only added a bit of flash when really necessary to lift the brightness of the space overall. We travelled light, with myself and an assistant carrying all the kit around the site. We had the luxury of a furnished communal area to shoot models in, that gave added interest and contrast to the relative starkness of the empty interiors.

The next time you are in an amazing interior space or looking at a buildings facade that leaves you in awe, think about what you would do to bring it to life through an image. Then do it!