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Bowers and Wilkins 800 Speakers – Location Stills and 360  Video

Client: Bowers and Wilkins
The Work: The associates and I have been really busy working directly with Bowers and Wilkins to bring their superb premier Bowers and Wilkins 800 speakers to life through our video and stills, shooting on location.

The logistics behind this shoot were complex and involved several months of planning.

First we had to agree the brief with B&W, then set about the task of finding the right location that matched the clients requirements. This probably has been the hardest location to find yet. We wanted to find a modern, timeless space that had a touch of the futuristic about it. Of course, in the world at large we have some amazing locations, and CG generated architecture fills our minds with wonderful possibilities. The reality in a post covid year was that we couldn’t look abroad, and the video emphasis of the project meant that a CG option was not going to work.

Our production team searched every UK library and pulled on all their contacts to create options that we could discuss with the client. Finally through a specialist location finder the right property was found. And it was special indeed. It did not give us the outside vista, however the interior was an open unfurnished space that gave us all the potential we needed to execute a very early time lapse, and to shoot at night.

The video and stills were shot at the same time allowing full consistency of light and styling. Our crew, small though it was, navigated the shoot list and storyboard provided and directed by our talented Creative Director.

The entire space was styled by our team, every prop was brought in and we created quite literally our own sun and moon through our gaffers hard work. It was a big production, but worth it.

Location: One location was found that provided us with everything we needed. It was gift, as the space around it and the unfurnished nature of the building gave us incredible flexibility and control. Once the location had been found, the associates did an initial recce to feel it out and ensure it was everything it looked to be, then we went back with the client, stylist and Gaffer to complete a technical recce that started the planning for real.

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