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Creative Portfolio

The Work: Experimenting and building a Creative Portfolio that is true to my vision on how I see products has always been a massive driver in keeping my interest in the product photography field.

I consider my portfolio work as being the thing I hold most dear. We all have a trail we leave behind us as we develop and advance through our careers. However I do feel there is something very special about the photographers creative portfolio. The work is deeply personal. This is sometimes quite unfortunate as any artist would I am sure agree with. Personal work by nature is a very selfish creation. Personal work is derived from how we see our subjects. This is subjective. The hardest thing that any photographer can do is to put their values on the line and show an audience the work. Some people will will love it, others hate it! Criticism of our personal work is hard to take, but it is necessary journey for a creative to learn and grow.I have produced many creative portfolios. The work we do changes as we change. However there is a definite feeling of pride and satisfaction when looking back at previous work. I sometimes marvel at how I actually came up with the  idea and approach in the first place!

Some shots make the cut, others don’t. All images eventually get put to one side over time. Looking at my explorations of drinks and liquids, I always feel I gave it my best shot…Literally!