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dCS Audio Photography 

Client: dCS Audio
The Work: My dCS Audio photography images have been a pleasure to create. Over time and many briefs, dCS and I have worked on how best to craft and explore the extreme high level precision behind the dCS product. Everything from start to finish is ultra important and bespoke.

When getting to know the company and personnel, I started to understand just how much high level thought and skill had gone into the products they market. Just the way that the company was conceived, their focus on being the Rolls Royce of digital to analogue technology. And they were. This mission of achieving near perfection as possible has stayed with them all the way. When I first saw the Vivaldi system I knew this was a very serious product indeed!

So my work, my creative input, had to match their aspirations for their campaigns. Working closely with the marketing brand manager and team we hone the brief together and jointly agree on the creative execution.

We started off shooting dCS products just in the studio, however now we get to explore the products in real environments. Recent locations were found using our associate production team to source and organise two perfect situations for us to launch a new product with.

Location: Shooting in the studio for the stills, location homes for stills and over multiple locations in factories for the ‘Making of Vivaldi’ film.

Go to the dCS web site to review their amazing products

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