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Emirates TV Commercial

Agency: Geometry London
The Work: So how did we get to shoot the Emirates Airline TV Commercial?

A simple question… That as usual has answer that is far from simple! So when the call comes in “are you free in a couple of weeks time to direct a commercial” you just say yes. So the next two weeks was taken up with a crazy amount of back and forth between my agent and the agency. A big client, and a big agency comes with a lot of communications and meetings. The hardest thing was to figure out quickly how we could actually shoot the scene. Filming on a plane as it was sitting on a runway was ruled out. I wonder why? We explored many options including building a plane, shooting on a similar plane and maybe model making the seat by taking a mould off a real chair and then building a set around it. Nothing stacked up with the timing we had available. So, the only option left was a CG render that we could manipulate in SFX.

The hero of the film was of course the glass and drink. I worked with the dynamite associate Ray Spencer  who’s job it was to make sure our drink was fresh and the lemon dropped perfectly! It was a simple set up really with the back projected CG screen playing slowed down football. Everything had to be timed to perfection as we were shooting at a fairly high frame rate to slow down our drinks action.

If all of this was not enough, the shoot landed on the hottest days of the year. We were quite literally cooking on gas:)

Location: We shot in my studio to give us maximum flexibility and set up time. My filming partners were my amazing associates and film duo Rick and Joe. Their experience was invaluable in working through the technical issues surrounding how to control the filing and post so we could deliver the commercial on time and on budget.

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