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Monitor Audio – Lifestyle and Studio Product Photography

Client: Monitor Audio 
The Work: When working with a brand, we may be asked to simply provide assets that fit exactly what they need. In this case study, we were tasked with shooting lifestyle and studio product photography with the Roksan turntable.

When we are given a clear worked out brief it is because a brand is already mid campaign and needs something more to help maximise their messaging, or they are using a marketing agency to build their creative strategy and therefore the path and creative is already mapped out for us.

As a creative hub, we can provide creative direction and create campaign assets or take an existing brief and execute exactly what is required.

We are happy doing either. It comes down to how the client wants to work with us – See The Creative Process for more detail about this.

Monitor Audio had already got the location to shoot in, the models and styling arranged and the creative campaign ready to go. Our job was to fit into what they needed and produce the shoot easily, without fuss and bother. We kept things really simple our side, with just myself and my associate Paul Musso to help with the lifestyle model shooting.

This is how we can get the best out of both lifestyle and studio product photography, by using great talent all working with one goal in mind – to give the client what they have asked for.

Location:   We shot the product work in my studio space. I am perfectly set up to deliver studio product shots efficiently and to a high quality. With the location, we took it as it came, working with the available light and enhancing that through added flash.

Check out what Monitor Audio has to offer on their web site.