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Don’t let lack of Time and Internal Resource
stop you from Creatively Innovating

I believe you want to be the go-to Brand in your product area

I believe your challenge is to reach your audience with marketing assets that will position and elevate you above all competition.

With this in mind, I also believe;
My Creative Process and Services offer Real Workable Solutions that will deliver the Results you Desire

The Creative Process, and Why it Works

We listen to you, finding out what you really want to achieve and what your challenges are. We help you build up the creative strategy and ideas that turn into physical work. We project manage the process all the way through until delivery.

We believe making the assets is the most important thing we do. We ensure your budget is spent only on producing the work.

We don’t have fixed overheads or a big structure. We are very flexible, small and we scale our production and services to suit your needs.

Here’s the basic Creative Process for absolute clarity:

  • There is an initial call with me to establish rapport
  • A follow up meeting will be with the team
  • We listen carefully to what you want to do, what your current issues are
  • We propose top line thoughts and actions we think will work for you
  • If you like our proposal and want to move on, we get granular with the detail
  • Together, with you, we create the brief
  • We provide clear and transparent budgets and costs
  • A timeline is built, working back from your delivery dates
  • You say yes! Things get locked in and the work starts
  • Regular weekly update meetings are scheduled where progress can be shared

Our approach is designed to give you maximum opportunity to create great assets, that are affordable and realistic for your company to create, whilst taking the weight of the project off your shoulders.

The earlier you bring us in, the more weight we can lift for you.

The Process Solves Problems for You

Our Process of Creative Development and Full Production ending with the best High-End Creative solutions solves many internal challenges your marketing team will face, particularly if you are already operating at full stretch.

The issues PS Creative Studio solves for you are: 

  • Lack of momentum getting started and consistent time spent on a new project
  • Lack of internal creative resource – you’re already at full capacity
  • Launching a product without key creative assets must be avoided – but how?
  • Lack of specific experience that prevents higher level creative output
  • Limited budgets restricting permanent outsourcing – Who can do the work?

Our Services are about making your life easier

  • Empowering you to have positive impact in your organisation
  • Being more relaxed and in control of deadlines
  • Creating your best work yet
  • My Services

    We are an Ensemble of Creative Resource

    The services that offer you a dynamic and broad approach to your marketing challenges, that give you the confidence that PS Creative Studio can handle what you will need to do, are all provided by seasoned creatives I have known for a long time and fully trust. There is nothing fly by night in my choice of associates. Each one of these wonderful human beings operates a successful business in thier own right.

    Most importantly, we come together to form this Creative Hub, because we believe that working as a collective we can exist to serve a brand at a higher level.

    Let’s dive in;

    I have started here as most of the time this is where our help starts for you.

    The need for creative direction has been highlighted over the years by working with advertising agencies, then seeing how I can apply this experience to working direct to client. Marketing teams have incredibly committed and talented team members for sure. Everyone I have ever worked with knows their brand inside out and their product knowledge is off the Richter scale!

    However, the results of meeting with clients and seeing how long it can take to go from an idea to a brief to a fully-fledged campaign is sometimes a problem. I have worked with brands who want to commission the work, they know need it!  However, the creative has just not been quite ready…

    Introducing Creative Direction as a service has been a game changer for both us and the brands we work with. By working with you to take your ideas and super charge them into ready to go creative, takes the following issues away:

    • Time is flying, the launch is approaching, the campaign idea needs more work…
    • You can’t delay the product launch, but you feel creatively stretched
    • A New product requires New creative, that takes energy and focus…and time

    By working alongside our Creative Director, you can give as much rope as you like to innovate and elevate ideas or keep things controlled and in line with existing creative already in progress. How we work with you at this stage is how you want us to.

    The goal is simple. Let’s help you get to the place you need to be at, when you need to be, so we can start making the magic happen!

    Here’s a brief overview of what our Creative Direction Service can look like:

    • Creative Strategy
    • Creation of Key visual
    • Development of key visual into campaign ideas
    • Storyboarding for film
    • Oversight of all creative aspects of shoot production; props, styling; models
    • Brief creation for location finding
    • Brief creation for still and film budgeting and production
    • Oversight of shoot lists
    • Creative Direction on shoots
    • Oversight and feedback on post production; stills and film editing

    You can use a Creative Director any how you wish. However we have discovered that the most successful application of the Creative Direction service to have embedded into your marketing processes from beginning to end. This gives you the most rounded experience possible and the workflow remains fluid and stable throughout the entire production. In other words, you get the best possible outcome!

    I think the costliest part of any product launch for a marketing team is the time taken to get everything completed and organised efficiently. Our production services stem from a lot of time working client side in big agency organisations, so we know what you need, and we know what we must do in order to make things run smoothly and successfully

    When a product launch can take 4-5 months in production from that initial outlined plan to final delivery and budget reconciliation, we think that time is priceless for you…So we want to give that back.

    Here’s how we give you your time back:

    • Full Project management from start to finish, we do everything
    • Regular status updates tracking progress, so you are not chasing us
    • Full transparency on budget creation and time management.
    • Pre-production logistics
    • Location finding; permits
    • Lifestyle talent sourcing; wardrobe; release forms
    • Styling and Props
    • External creative sourcing if required, such as CG or AI related elements
    • Postproduction organisation and tracking
    • Shoot logistics; studio; lighting, film crew

    Just the sheer number of calls involved between creatives and production alone takes up a huge chunk of time. So we want to do it, so you don’t have to.

    With over 30 years in the photography business I can say with full confidence there is always a way to get the desired result. After working across many product genres such as still life, automobile and drinks, I believe my understanding of products is practised and honed. Of course, much can be done to support a still image with postproduction and retouching. This we do in house if possible, outsourcing to known experts if the challenge requires it.

    It was some time ago that I realised moving image and stills needed to get more aligned. I have worked with some great film teams, and being able to partner with a film associate was a big part of how I felt I could best serve a client. Resonate studio has built a broad understanding of how things need to work in film creation, mixing the right technology and people together to ensure we have a great crew for your project.

    Shooting Stills and Film Concurrently is a major benefit for you:

    • Working side by side in the same set saves overall shoot time
    • Sharing locations and lighting resource to keep budgets manageable
    • Shooting less time on set and location means less time OOO for our clients
    • Less Production time, less production cost
    • Working together creates great consistency in marketing assets

    The film services are not just linked to shooting and editing, we also offer:

    • Commercial level grading, you get the best-looking film available
    • VFX solutions to remove unsightly parts of sets & window replacement
    • Soundscape and music creation, original, so you own it

    Now you know in detail what’s on offer, and you know more about how it help you solve your internal marketing challenges. So now there is real only one thing left to do!