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Creative Process and Services

You can't be expected to do everything!

Allow us to innovate for you

I’m Phil Sills (PS) and I have developed the Creative Studio to solve multiple challenges you face when launching products and creating new campaigns

What we do

PS Creative Studio gets your product to market on time by supporting your marketing aims and objectives with Inventive Creative Solutions

How do you get this help?

By using our Creative Process and Services as an additional resource and extension to your marketing team 

What does this mean for you?

You can confidently move your organisation forward, creating NEW campaigns, whilst using your own time to work on your other important projects

What are those Services?

In a nutshell PS Creative Studio offers:
• Photography & Film production with supporting post services including CG
• Creative Direction and associated design, copywriting and agency support
• Full Production service that takes all the weight, so you don't need to worry

Want to know how to work with us? Read on

Once you know there is a "Creative Gap" for us to fill:

  • Contact me to arrange a conversation. Let's get to know each other
  • Liked what you heard? Next step is to send an NDA if you want to, so we can discuss your products and marketing needs in detail. Hey!  I would love to meet face-to-face!
  • After our detailed meeting, allow us to come back to you with a simple proposal on how to get the ball rolling.

Read and absorb our lovely thoughts!

Once you know you want to work with us, here's what happens next:

  • We create a budget on work agreed and map out a timing plan
  • We work with you on any necessary creative development, planning the production in line with this
  • We execute the scheduled plan with regular catch up meetings along the way, so you always know what is happening

Meet the team behind PS Creative Studio

The core team in this creative hub, consists of myself and 3 trusted associates. We are all proven in our fields, so I know we can be of great value to you


services provided by Phil Sills Creative Studio

Phil Sills

Photographer and Founder of PS Creative Studio


Emma of Mother Bran

Art Buying, Full-Service Production

Creative Direction

Colin of The GoodShip

Creative Direction, Agency Services

Film & Moving Image

Resonate Studio

Film making and Related Services

You know why we exist | You know what we do | You know how we can help

Hit that button and let's have a 30 minute chat, so we can help you start the process