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Creative Product Photography

Creative Product Photography has been the corner stone of my business and has kept my interest high in photography over the many years I have practiced the craft. I have always searched for the interesting angle, seeking to discover the hidden textures and form of an object through exploration with light. Shooting products is great fun, whatever you need, however given the chance to produce a creative image and surprise the viewer with something they did not expect is why I do, what I do.

balls by Phil Sills

Creative Product Photography is about turning a product into something spectacular by using a creative idea to inspire a new reality or situation. This idea can be simple in its own right. However, it should allow me to form a vision that communicates something more than just physically what the product actually is. 

In many cases when we are creating ideas either for ourselves or for a client, I would like to be working with my associate Creative Director Colin Jones. Between us we will discuss the project, its potential result and then work up a few different ideas to see what will work best. Colin is a natural at thinking fast and he always surprises me at the speed at which a creative solution can be found!

When working with a you, the client, Colin will most likely work directly with you. He can work with whatever creative ideas you already have in place. He can help you expand them and grow the brief in whatever direction you would like to see it develop. Alternatively, he can start afresh and give you a new perspective on old ideas.  

All of this with one goal in mind. That is, to help you have amazing creative product photography that will connect with your audience and keep them focused on what you are telling them.

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If you would like to carry on this conversation, please email or call me here.

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