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Creative Product Video and Moving Image

Creative Product Video and Moving Image…What does that mean! You may have your own ideas, and they will be right! For me, the idea of creating video and moving image work that pushes my skills and technical understanding of both the product and the media is where the core of this genre lives.

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I shoot products. My training was originally in the stills arena. Over time, as technologies have collided and lines of speciality have been blurred, I can now work with fantastically talented creatives who work on making things move! I know what I can bring to the table; strong composition and set up skills to pull the product to the fore, mixed with great lighting knowledge and product empathy. These elements are what I have been using for years in my stills, and now can wield them in creating creative product video and moving work.

All of this would not be possible without collaboration and understanding that focusing many minds achieves better results than just one.  My moving image associate will agree that combining different talented people, all with the same goal in mind, can achieve great success for you. In all of this we must not forget that we are working with you, to help you get to your goal.  To help your marketing team succeed in their vision. Further clarification on how we can work with you, can be found in the Creative Process.

Everyone has different needs and budgets, and shooting film can become heavy when productions expand. We of course will always recommend what we think are the best ways of producing your dream film, however should we need start reining in the scope of a shoot in order to meet a specific budget, we can scale our approach and talent to fit what you need. All the time we will aim for the best result we can get for you.

See more creative product video and moving image, choosing motion and video.  While you are here, you could also see some behind the scenes that give you an insight into how we work!

If you would like to carry on this conversation, please email or call me here.

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