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Drinks Video

Drinks Video work offers you the client so much opportunity to explore your product and brand. You know more then me how important moving image is. A great quality, perfectly positioned Drinks Video asset means you can hit those social media channels with teasing clips, that really start to connect in a real way with your ideal customer.

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Drinks Video producing involves quite a few people. I have the most amazing relationships with my associates, and I totally trust them to bring value and expertise to the table when solving your creative moving image needs.

First, lets touch on what I do. I bring my experienced drinks stills history into the fray, and take the lead in working with you to understand what it is you want to show, and what is most important to you. This becomes the core message of your drinks video. From here our producer Emma will take on all the organisation and production necessary to get your idea into the real world. She will liaise with you and take the weight off your shoulders, so you get to focus on the important stuff – what you want to get out of us in terms of the creative.

We can use Adam in the shooting and editing / post department depending on the level of your work.  Should your Story boarding need a hand our Creative Director Colin will handle that and ensure that from both the stills and video side we all know exactly what we are shooting.

Have you seen all of Drinks Video and moving image work on The Gallery,  and the Emirates Case study with a behind the scenes peek?

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Speak soon, Phil

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