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Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle product photography and the ever increasing demand for images that express and reflect real life situations that viewers can connect with has given photographers fantastic opportunities.  These new ways of looking at products are getting us to rethink previous strict studio approaches to composition and lighting. I find creating lifestyle product photography invigorating. It free’s me from formal approaches, allowing a new creative approach.

Lifestyle Product Photography

I love shooting products, I have said that many times! The great thing about working in the creative marketplace, is that ideas evolve and styles change. What was once the thing to do, becomes superseded by a new trend and visual desire.

Lifestyle product photography has to now be a focus for me. Social media has changed the way advertisers and marketers work. Brands need to find a voice that suits their ethos and values. Products can no longer be seen in isolation only. For a customer to really feel the product, there has to be emotion in the images that portray it.

How can I help you with your product photography assets to make them more lifestyle? Well, the first thing I can do is to get out of the studio! Certainly that is one way. To physically take your products into a real situation, to show them in use, to see how the product works and looks like as we would be using it is super important I feel.

The next thing I can do to help you achieve great lifestyle product images, is to still focus on the product. That may sound obvious, however to ensure that the moment doesn’t take over I keep my attention on how the product is looking. How is your logo looking? What is the light doing? I may be shooting lifestyle images, but I am at heart a product photographer, and I know when a product looks good.

I value massively working with my talented associates to ensure the result we give you is the best we can achieve. My lifestyle photographer partner Paul Musso has an amazing connection with models. We will get the most out of our talent and show off your product to its best. Paul and I are definitely a great team for that. 

Check out our lifestyle shoot with Bowers and Wilkins PI wireless ear buds. There are more great examples of lifestyle product images in The Gallery as well.

Should you wish to talk more about getting some fantastic lifestyle product photographs for your brand, then please contact me here.

Lifestyle Product Photography Shoot with Phil Sills and Paul Musso