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Location Product Photography

Location Product Photography is in my opinion fast overtaking the requirement to shoot products in the studio. I feel it has been very important for me to spend years crafting my product skills. I now understand composition, lighting and framing really well. When it comes to shooting on location with products, all of this knowledge is put to great use.

Kef LSX speakers photographed on location by Phil Sills

When I shoot location product photography, my goal is to be taking what I do with products in the studio and create the best looking product photograph I can, but in a real situation. 

This situation can be a location house, could be outside on the street, or in a studio however with a set that is relevant to what the brief is communicating.

As I develop, moving forwards, thinking about what the marketing industry is doing I can see that I am loving photographing products in a natural way.

So what does this mean for you? When we discuss a project with a client, myself and my production team are looking to find out what your vision is for your products. Do you need high quality, premium studio product shots or perhaps would the idea of images with an edge of reality work better for you? We want our creative assets we provide you to be in harmony with your brand, your ethos.

Emma Alexander, our producer, has huge experience in finding ways to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Let us find you the right studio situation or the right location to make our images have complete synergy with your marketing teams requirements.

Check out the Bowers and Wilkins 600 Product launch case study, where we found some really special locations that suited the products perfectly. While you are there, in the behind the scenes  section you can see us at work in locations creating those very shots.

Should you wish to talk more about getting some fantastic location product photography for your brand, then please contact me here.

products and lifestyle shooting on location by Phil Sills photographer