Why am I qualified to Teach?

Well, let me see…I think it has something to do with 30 years of experience of being in the field, and counting! This is quite important, and so I am bringing this to your attention early on in this article. Not only I have been doing this thing for many years, but I am also still doing it! Teaching Product Photography is as natural to me as driving my car. I would say, out of all the things I can do, and have achieved in my life, this will become my biggest accomplishment.

How do I deliver the training?

I have created Shoot Products Like A Pro to enable me to start working and helping anyone who wants to get massive improvement and upskill as a product photographer. It works like this:

  • There is a simple quick but value packed online course that teaches the fundamental practices behind studio product photography. To do the course requires membership. This is easy, and there are a couple of ways of doing this. Subscribe monthly at a low cost and cancel at any time or join for life with a one-off payment. What one to choose will depend on how you see yourself using my services. Read on…
  • Higher level training is my opportunity to really zoom in on what the learner really needs to grasp, so to get past current obstacles. The workshops are designed for people in business, who as part of their job description create marketing content with product photography and need to get it right quickly.
  • Teaching product photography is also possible through online tutorials delivered from an Articles page on the Shoot products Like A Pro Site. There are a few free articles to start introducing the extra learning resource, however most of the valuable in-depth and higher-level training is available in the members only articles. These articles get added in when possible, and all build on the base course content to give variety and depth to the learning potential.
  • I back up all my training by giving ongoing support via the Forum or email. Membership entitles the learner to get in touch with me to ask for continued help. More than anything, this is where I can serve the most. By offering continued help, the learner can put into practice my teaching whilst having the knowledge that at any point they can ask for advice or clarification.

Who benefits from my help?

Anyone who is learning to shoot products for a living, or as part of their work should seriously think about some kind of training. Why I would recommend my teaching over finding random videos on YouTube is that there is a defined purpose to what I offer and a structure. The purpose is to specifically help someone get better at shooting products by taking simple steps all in one place, and the structure being I am only going to teach what I know to be the essential tools required to get the journey started. After this, practice and time will enable those skills to be put into real use. Experience and confidence will build from here at which point the learner oversees their own destiny! My concern over anyone learning things for free on the internet has to be around ‘what is the real value that teaching is offering, and is it right for the learner’s purpose?

 Want to learn from me? Here’s what to do…

This is the simple bit😊. I have a website that enables anyone to look at the online course material and Articles or peruse the details of the workshops to see if they are going to be the most effective route to achieving the result required. I can be contacted easily should anyone want a conversation.

My wish is to help make someone’s life easier and better by giving them the one thing that I can offer the most of: Teaching Product Photography.

If this is you right now, wondering if you need help…Then the answer is that you probably do. Let me help you with this today. Get in touch.

Check out the 30 minute tutorial below on why thinking like a pro is so important! Enjoy.

Cheers for now, Phil

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