Working Directly with Brands. Why this is important.

Every creative business, just like mine, will constantly be asking themselves how they can serve better. How can their clients get maximum benefit from the products or creative services being provided.

My business is focused on working directly with clients. I have found myself gravitating towards this for the following reasons:

  • Personal relationships. Closer working with individuals provides better quality of communication and therefore better understanding of the challenges being faced.
  • In my world, one-off projects do not make a successful business formula. Longer term business partnerships create a win–win scenario. That’s good value for everyone.
  • I like the truth. I find working directly with the end client ensures I know the full story. I am certain this is a two-way street where both parties benefit from honest conversation.

So, for my business, supplying creative services directly to clients places me in a happy environment. So now let’s flip the question.

Why do Brands benefit working directly with me?

I photograph products. Whether in the studio, on location, for packaging or for lifestyle. I work with a very talented Creative Director, an amazing and efficient Production Company and a super smart Videographer. My network of talented creative suppliers can produce all sorts of marketing assets that will aid brands to communicate what they want to say to their chosen audience.

Looking to drill down into this, I have jotted down a few of the benefits our clients will feel. The following is in note form, as it came out of my head🤞

  • No infrastructure or physical framework costs, full visibility of all moving parts, direct contact between client and production team and suppliers ensuring full creative synergy, transparency of costs, full client control or as much control as the client wishes, top end specialist suppliers, wide network of creatives and talent, no fluff, no covering of backsides or protecting of jobs, full focus on creative output ensuring maximum spend on producing assets, flexible working and framework, reduced time on communication for client, weight off clients shoulders, freeing up of marketing teams time for other new projects…

Phewww! And that was just what I could think of in about 1 minute.

I am sure there are plenty more ways that my product photography work and the work of my associate creative suppliers can help brands and marketing teams. But for now, this feels like a lot of value that we have to offer.

Who are the brands we value working with? Could this be you?

The space I work in has always been, and always will be providing creative services in the marketplace of high quality, luxury and  premium products. It is not that I think other ways of working have no value. Far from it. Just that I cannot find it in myself to overly compromise what I have learned over the last 30 years. My associates all feel the same way. We want to help brands aim high. It just suits us, and it suits our work.

This doesn’t mean we will only ever work with big brands. A small niche brand with an exciting vision and product is most definitely in our sights. The beauty with our set up is that we can scale. Up or down. See the case studies for working examples of scale. A client can choose just exactly what they need as well. Flexibility of working, it is our key and one of our greatest uses for a marketing team.

So, do you think this sounds like you? Do you feel it is worth us having a relaxed conversation around this? Please drop me a message and let’s see if we can do for you what we have successfully done for others.

Cheers, Phil

Trust me, I’m a Photographer😁

Phil Sills Creative Studio

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