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Photographer and Director

Photographer and Director. This opportunity has come about as the two sides of image creation, stills and film, have come together obliterating some old ideas about production, and most definitely created new ways of working. I have grown my experience and knowledge over the years through crafting my lighting, understanding composition and product position, and more recently have been able to broaden my experience and my learning through working with video and motion. 

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So what are my thoughts on how these two titans can sit equally side by side? How can I be a Photographer and Director at the same time?

Well, my roots are firmly embedded and established in the specialisation of shooting products whether in the studio or on location. My knowledge about the detail that is required to ensure a great looking product shot exists is easily transferrable into the workflow of the video, motion production. In fact, it works really rather well, as I can start to take on the role of product expert! I enjoy that, it pulls on all my visual strengths of accuracy, cleanliness and precision. These qualities work alongside the DOP and Gaffer experience in the room. My understanding of lighting can be bought into play to assist the DOP, in his search for the right look and feel, not to overrule him.

We work together to find consistency to the stills and film so the client gets all the benefits. I have certain ways I like seeing an image, this is a clear style in all of my work. My approach is blended and balanced with the technical requirements of the film shoot, adding value to what is already available in abundance.

The one true amazing opportunity of being a photographer and director, is that we can shoot both stills and video at the same time. This does depend on the shooting location. We have the associate team members and their services in place that make all of this possible.

Photographer and Director…Does that sound right for you? Will that solve future logistical challenges for you? Have a look at the stills and video/motion work in The Gallery, and see the Emirates Airline TV commercial Case study here

Would you like to continue this conversation?  If so please contact me here.

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