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Product Photography Workshops

Face to Face. You can’t beat it! 

Product Photography Workshops with me, Phil Sills.

I love learning something new, however the process of remembering previously unknown skills and approaches can be hard. What I do know is that the best chance we have of new knowledge sticking is to be physically doing the activity. I want you to progress fast with specific photography training that is geared to solve your real day to day problems.

Like my course, I have structured the workshops to give you what I believe to be the best opportunity to learn what you need, in the shortest timeframe so you can accelerate your own business activities. 

You get from my workshops Structured Learning, Simple Approaches, Specific Knowledge

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There are now 3 ways of doing my workshops. Each one purposely created to provide a solution that is right for you.

Workshop 1 sees us working through the full process from start to finish on how to achieve the classic headphone photograph above that I created for one of my clients. The complexity of the final image will be broken down into small chunks that enable us to see the system that underlies every great image. This workshop reinforces and builds on the techniques from my online course.

Workshop 2 has me come to your place of work, your shooting space. This truly extends the learning and capability of you, the photographer specifically in relation to the work produced for the business. Full emersion in your established processes and workflows will enable us to fine-tune the system to produce the best quality product photography possible.

Workshop 3 is where you get to create your own workshop. What do you ultimately need to get right to make your working life better? You tell me what you want to achieve and I will design a workshop that meets this challenge.

With every workshop purchase you get lifetime membership to Shoot products Like A Pro. This gives you Ongoing Lifetime Support and Constant Training.

Go now to see more about the workshops and how you can get booked in.

If you have any questions, please email me here.

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Remember, 30 Years of Specialist Knowledge is Yours for the Taking!