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Product Photography

Product Photography has been my passion and craft since the very first day I set my eyes on a studio. Over the last 3 decades I have shot very large objects, such as cars and planes, and very small objects on circuit boards and product close up details. I love it all. Shooting products has changed its form over time of course, however I am just at home shooting on location as I am photographing products in the studio. Whatever products you have to market, I can help you.

Bowers and Wilkins photography by Phil Sills

Product Photography requires certain qualities. Patience is one of the top ones! To rush a product shot and not go through the strict process needed to create the best image is a waste of an opportunity. Let’s briefly go over that process.

Angle is everything. I wouldn’t even pick up the camera until I have had a good look at it and visualised in my mind what a shot could be. Then I need to find the right framing and composition, along with the right lens so the product looks like how I want it to. Once the shot is set, then I have to find the right light. Of course, on location my choices may be limited, however in the studio it can be anything I want it to be. But it does have to work. The questions I ask myself are concerning the products qualities and details that will make the product unique. How best can I bring those to life? What do you the client want from this shot? I need to visualise my final result, or at least understand where I am heading. Then the product has to be clean, the environment has to compliment the result required and I must continually search for improvements along the way.

So a product photographer has a lot to do, and be disciplined to follow through. It can make for a long day, however I always feel the efforts are worth it.

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Kef, Blade speaker shot on location by Phil Sills Photographer