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Product Video

Product Video work is a very natural extension of my product photography skills. Just because something is moving, does not mean the detailed creative approach that I have with my stills does not apply here. This is why I love shooting Product Video and motion. The excitement of being able to describe a product and bring it to life through deliberately exploring a products surfaces and design absolutely makes my day.

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From a technical perspective, Product Video shoots can be really simple and low key. This almost one-man band approach can be gently scaled up to the point where we have a tight and efficient crew who have all the film expertise to deliver moving image creative work at the highest level.

Lighting anything for video works the same as how I think about my stills. A product has been carefully designed for a specific purpose and built with care and attention. My lighting has to be able to pick out the detailing, no matter how subtle and I must be able to communicate to the viewer what the product feels like to the touch. Moving image is a fabulous way of creatively teasing the viewer, ensuring they have a desire to own that product.

Filming a product in a studio and on location requires different approaches to kit used and a difference in the understanding of what the final result will look like. In the studio, we can create any look and feel we want.  We are quite literally our own masters in this space. On location, a product comes to life and becomes part of its surroundings, so we need to be sympathetic to this and use the location as the base to our creative composition and look. We can always build on onto this natural feel and enhance the environment and product from there. These kind of  decisions come from discussions with the creative team pre and during any shoot.

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