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£417 Art Value

ex. VAT

Plus Print Options & Prices:

Biggest 100cm by 69cm – £296.90

Large 80cm by 55cm – £204.86

Medium 60 cm by 41.5cm – £131.47

Smallest 40cm by 27.5cm – £72.73

All prices ex. VAT



    Thought from phil:

    What used to get a giggle and smile, now gets a frown and shake of the head. How things change.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have chosen this material as it is incredibly light and very easy to hang straight onto a wall. Because the metal is rigid, and there is no glass, the item can easily be sent direct from the printing house to you by normal courier. Should you want to frame the piece, no mounting is necessary. Your framer will love you! You don’t even have to put glass on the front.
    I have chosen a Satin finish so the print surface does not reflect other light sources in the room that can make it hard to see your picture. The print quality packs a massive punch and you can gently wipe dust easily from the actual print finish with a lint free cloth.
    Each work has an Art Value that I have carefully considered. I grade and value my work based upon the amount of time, energy and physical expense the image has cost me to produce. Like any artist, I will place a higher value on some work than that of others.