Product Photography Made Simple

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Become the Best Photographer you can be by learning with me, Phil Sills.

Achieve Your Ultimate Results!

  • Learn fundamental, principle based knowledge developed from 30 years of my experience working as a professional photographer
  • Join myself and other members through the Forum and always have help at hand
  • Access monthly new Articles, consistently building your knowledge in subjects you ask for

Be Unique. Be Yourself

  • I’ll teach you to work with the ultimate result in mind and help you think like a pro, not just copy
  • Adapt and evolve the learning to suit your needs

Who will benefit from the Course and Membership?

  • Online retailers, shooting products for websites and social media purposes
  • Hobbyists, who love shooting products, but hate the frustrations that come with not knowing quite how to do something
  • Businesses with in-house marketing departments responsible for producing marketing assets
  • Photographers moving into new areas, needing specific product training to quickly get up and running

The Course, Designed For You

  • 13 content-rich video modules, all available online
  • Learn good working practices and understand lighting to help deal with everything product photography can throw at you!
  • Structured content that makes the process easy and manageable
  • Short and punchy sessions designed to fit into your busy lifestyle

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