Photography Mentoring

I will wager that in every creative photographer’s career, whether in the early years or even after 2 decades at the helm, that person will at some point need some support. This photography mentoring can be needed for many different reasons.

  • Creative block. What’s my next personal project?
  • Expanding the business. Knowing you can do more, but unsure of the direction.
  • Limited technical knowledge. Stuck on how to achieve a particular result.
  • Needing a trusted advisor. Wanting to speak to someone who actually cares.
  • Wanting a soundboard. Sometimes we just need to brain dump and get it all out.

The 3 faces of Phil

"Oh, that’s new"

"I’m concerned"

photography mentoring

"Working stuff out"

The 3 faces
of Phil

The 3 faces of Phil visually describe being challenged, feeling worry and then showing joy in finding a way through. It’s intentionally over the top! However, this is the basic pathway to us making progress.

There will always be a multitude of reasons why we want to talk about where we are right now, and what we are trying to do about it. When we find ourselves stuck, all we want to do is quickly find a solution and move on. When we struggle with that solution happening at the pace we think it needs to happen at we get frustrated.

My experience in the creative industry is that it’s easy to think no one who will understand our problem, or that we will be judged in the process of doing so. We also do not help ourselves by thinking that we are unique and that we are alone in facing our obstacles.

Being a creative artist is complex and risky where we place our most personal ideas on the line publicly, and then form a business around them. This is not an easy task. It takes courage!

Can I help you get unstuck from where you are right now?…