I like to laugh, ask anyone who knows me. I do however take my work seriously, and sometimes this leads me to worry too much

Finding the right solutions

Your first job is not to give yourself a hard time over any challenges you face! That’s lesson one right here. We are all our own worst critics. My response now is to take a step back and try and be objective

You are already doing great work and you are most probably maxing out your effort. However, why then do you still feel frustrated? This feeling could be moments away from disappearing or may be around for a little while yet. But, it’s definitely not permanent. That’s the second lesson

What I’ve learned over time, is that nearly all of our frustrations and worries can be solved or mitigated one way or another. Sometimes we just need to find the right process to unlock the right solution

These solutions can be found by gaining perspective on the issue, sometimes a different perspective. How do you get a different perspective? You talk things through with someone else

Specialist photography mentoring

In judging whether I can offer you specialist photography mentoring, you must remember that my career experiences are based from (mostly but not exclusively):

  • Photographing products (big and small)
  • Shooting in a studio.
  • Understanding how to light things – anything
  • Shooting product lifestyle
  • Shooting on location
  • Shooting using daylight and mixed light sources
  • Building a team and having associate partners
  • Dealing with clients directly
  • Working with agents and the advertising industry
  • Producing shoots
  • Critiquing images
  • Constant image and portfolio development

‘30 years of being in this business has not left me unscathed!’

This lovely creative business has given me a few headaches and some challenging times. It still does!

Some of my problems are:

  • Dealing with constant creative reinvention
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Lack of momentum
  • Doubting my ability 
  • Ignoring the business side
  • Avoiding marketing and sales 
  • Making excuses about resources
  • Procrastination

Some of these may look familiar to you. All of the above can be made better or eliminated with little shifts of focus and simple small steps of action.

I work through my challenges and issues generally by talking to someone else who will listen.

I then create a plan (it doesn’t need to be clever or big) and endeavour to put that into action. I give myself a certain amount of time then review the results. Potentially I will then revise the plan a little and go through the process again.

I talk to a coach, a creative mentor or my next-door neighbours! These are people who I have asked to point out the obvious stuff I may have missed, or chosen to ignore. These are people who can objectivly see the gaps between where I am right now and where I want to get to. Most importantly they are not afraid to point it out…

How can I do this for you? By putting my attention on you with a specialist photography mentoring focus.

If you asked me to be your mentor I am invested in your well-being and progression. This gives me a responsibility to do my best, to provide guidance and give that alternative perspective.

Let’s have an initial chat

A great way for us to see if I can help you with what you want is for us to have a 30 minute free call. Here we can both understand what the challenges are and the results that you wish to achieve.

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