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Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Working as a photographic creator all my life, has made me very blasé, and almost blind to how other people perceive the process behind creating marketing assets. It’s that classic mode of thinking that everyone will just understand exactly how things get done, without realising that unless they have physically walked that path themselves, then really it may all seem be a bit of a mystery! Behind the scenes communications helps to unravel that for everyone.

When we only show the finished and mostly immaculate final image (the chosen one or two from a hundred different other options) it is no wonder that the understanding of production and what that means is misunderstood. This can make conversations around why things need to actioned in a certain way difficult.

Breaking Through the Myths

These behind the scenes snippets into our working day give us the opportunity to open ourselves up, to reduce the illusion that everything happens by either by chance or requires nothing more than a snap of a camera and a quick half an hour shoot. I know this sounds like a cliché, but it is quite a common perception.

The short videos help us demonstrate how we work, with a fun approach. They show the kind of thing we do, what kind of kit we use, how different situations can vary, and it also shows you what we look like (sorry about that!).

The videos we make are definitely not being produced with an epic space movie budget. The point is to show the really small things, the weird and the strange things that makes all of this tick. For instance, let’s start with the crew. Mostly we are smiling, which means we are enjoying the practice of our work. Phew! I can look a little stern sometimes. I can safely say it is due to the focus and concentration on executing our job. On a shoot, we work under time pressure, and our attention is to keep on schedule and hit the agreed shot list. This does mean there will not be too many behind the scenes images of us sitting around drinking tea!

We Want to Be Judged.

Other things we want you to see is generally how organised we are, how clean the sets look, and how much effort we go into with the lighting to ensure our images do your products justice. We love our craft, as does every creative I am sure, so we want you to feel that you are in safe hands and that we do really want to work hard on your behalf to make what you want happen.

So please enjoy these few behind the scenes videos that will start to give you a picture of what it would be like to work with us. Don’t forget to drop me a line if you see anything of interest!