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Creative Product Photography

Creative Product Photography

Isn’t all product photography creative? I don’t think so. Shooting products is my area of specialism. I have worked in quite a few different product niches during my career; still life, cars, drinks, audio and technology and I have got to learn about what makes me tick as an image creator. Creative product photography is what I lean into when I start to work on a shot. It is not in my make up just to frame up and take a snap. I like to find an original solution to a visual challenge.


Let’s break down what creative product photography means to me. Firstly, we must look at composition.  An image whether a simple product or something more complex must make sense in terms of how the shape and form exists within the frame edges. Negative space plays as much of a role as the object itself. Sometimes the subject has to sit square in the frame. It is generally either this or something quite angled, rarely in the middle. Groups of objects mostly need structure, a rhythm, and something that may appear chaotic is more than likely placed with precision in terms of angle, degree of rotation or how it enters or exists the frame.


The most important thing in my tool kit as a creative product photographer is lighting. From day one in the a studio I have been fascinated by how our impression and understanding of a product can be when shown in a different light. I don’t like flat light. To show real form and line the light has to be able to travel along and round, describing textures and design through light and dark.

I understand this is a personal preference, however when I see my work together, images taken from different times with no relation at all, I can see the style of my lighting come through. Clients have realised this and so my career has developed alongside brands that have a richness and a sense of quality and a string visual identity.

Subject Matter

I have always said, as far back as I can remember that I do not really have a preference over what I shoot. I see a car as an oversized product, I see food as objects to be defined in terms of texture and colour. I don’t mind what I subjects I photograph. There is an argument that my work lends itself very well to certain genres of modern high-tech industrial design. This is very true. I craft my photography to best describe an object, so I can easily define what is shiny metal, what is smooth rubber and what is a soft luxurious leather. This is just good practice is it not?  Any client wants there product to be represented to its highest capability. I also ask that of my own work. Call it habit!

Creative product photography is what should be happening every time an object, a product is placed in front of the camera. It should given full attention and absolute focus in order to maximise the creative result.

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