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Studio and Location Photography

Studio & Location Photography

I started working directly with audio technology companies 18 years ago. The original approach to shooting products was the traditional ‘product shot‘ studio focused photo with a little location lifestyle tagged on the end! Now, the very detailed and developed research that goes into understanding the audience, the consumer type, what their habits are and why they buy, asks a lot more of Brands and marketing teams. My response to continuing to serve clients to my best ability is to ensure my studio and location photography is delivering the highest quality marketing assets possible.

Producing the 700 Series Launch for B&W

The Bowers and Wilkins 700 series Product Launch had us working at full tilt, providing the marketing team with our full service both in the studio and on location. Everyone was involved from photography, film, production, creative direction, post production, editing and styling.

This product launch had us finishing over 200 individual product photographs and 23 films, all finalised in various formats to fit web site, social and horizontal and vertical advertising. Quite something.

The entire shoot was organised and controlled by our lovely production service, Mother Bran. What made the creation of the studio and location photography this time around so interesting was that the finished images had a real sense of belonging and togetherness. This was made possible by creating a studio set environment that had similar feeling of tone and texture to the location environments. B&W were very clear about what they wanted, and our Creative Director made sure this got translated into our final executions.

The Deliverables

A big focus was given to film production, as that was high up on the priority asset list. Having previously found real ways of working to integrate film and stills together symbiotically, we easily dovetailed the moving image into our stills shooting schedule.

The 700 Series product launch had us all working together, using our individual skills and strengths, however combining everything into a single purpose; to supply the client’s vision, and enable the brand to progress forwards.

In amongst all of this, I got to do what I love, shooting studio and location photography.


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