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Visual Brand Identity

Client Electrolux  

Agency CuriousLondon 

The Work

181 retouched images later, and two weeks of work we had completed a Brand Visual Identity Shoot for Electrolux. This was the brainchild of CuriousLondon, brand and design consultants who did a masterful job of guiding the client and us through what was required. Allow me to take you through that journey..

Why do this?

The purpose of this Visual Brand Identity was to establish different ways that Electrolux products can be photographed. These images were not intended for any glossy brochure, or to be splashed across a home page online. No, these images were for research and development of the visual kind. My product photography helped the creatives, design teams and the client understand more about how they wanted their brand to be seen. How they preferred their actual products to look. With this knowledge they could give the brand standout in a crowded marketplace.

This idenity can then be taken forward, used or adapted to future creative marketing work. Globally this creates a visual tool box that suppliers can use, so the marketing look and feel has consistency.

Getting the job done

We created a modular set in the studio that could be adapted and moved around to aid the large number of shots we had to cover. This set had to be used for ovens, hoods and hobs. Simple styling and a bit of food added some context. This was all arranged to fit the budget by my amazing associate producer MotherBran.

Location: We shot the products between my studio and going to Electrolux in Brussels, to their HQ. See the behind the scenes so you can get a flavour of how we work.

Many thanks again to CuriousLondon.