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Wearable Technology

What is Technology now?

So much of what I shoot is technology based. If I think about it, there are not many products that we don’t eat or drink that cannot be placed under this genre. Clothing is developed using the latest materials and the latest scientific developments trickle down into most product manufacturing making things smaller, lighter and…less costly😊 This brings me neatly into wearable technology.

Wireless Headphones

Specifically, I am discussing the earbud marketplace. The wireless headphone battleground. Bowers and Wilkins launched their PI earbuds with their usual powerful, all-out approach. Being creative imaging suppliers to Bowers and Wilkins, my associates and I were called upon to create, make happen a series of films and product shots that encapsulated the products placement and clearly defined the difference between the two earbuds. The products come in different colours, so multiple combinations were all to play their part.

How this shoot was won!

My producer, Emma from Mother Bran, again was right up against the clock in terms of holding the planning and organisation together. But she did it with her usual savoir faire. Colin, our Creative Director was also in the hot seat, firing up the creative brief with ideas and ways in which to show multiple use of the product.

Scaling our Team

So this shoot got to grow some big guns! The creative team ballooned from the core associates to a large crew… It had to. Our motto is start small and tidy. However, it is the producer’s job to ensure the right creative talent is in place.

So this job scaled really, really quickly. It was not long before we well over 20 people involved, all with incredible experience, talent and skill in producing both film and high-end editorial fashion images.

Everyone was a team player and the resulting film and stills using multiple locations and models are proof of how this collaborative business model works.

Being part of this journey from concept to delivery confirmed my opinion and choices made in how I should work in the creative imaging marketplace. I got great pleasure in shooting the products on location, fitting in with the bigger production whirling around me. This wearable technology shoot brought home to me the necessity to listen to what clients want, and to put their needs first, before any ego or self-interest. 

Thanks to the Film Specialists

My upmost thanks goes to everyone involved, however a few key people here are mentioned. Please look them up, they are a great talent; Zac Harney – Director,  Al Rice– Gaffer and Dave Anderson – Gaffer. Adam Hale, associate, was instrumental in organising the filming with covering cinematography from Joshua Birch and Ben Sansom

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